NHHF/UHF Diverse Scholars Program

United Health Diverse Scholars Initiative

The National Hispanic Health Foundation has partnered with the United Health Foundation’s Diverse Scholars Initiative for the selection of scholarships. United Health Foundation’s Diverse Scholars Initiative aims to increase the number of primary care health providers ready to meet future needs. The program works to create a more culturally relevant health workforce and a more effective health care system, particularly in underserved communities. This program for selected scholars who have applied through our scholarship program.

Our program with UHF involves a unique mentorship program. The goal of this formal mentorship program is to demystify or shed some light on different areas of health care that health professional students have an interest in. As members of the program,  students are eligible for up to three years of scholarship award if they follow the program requirements  (full-time academic enrollment over a calendar year, maintain a 3.0 GPA and participate in mentor programming) and will have the amazing opportunity of being paired with leading professionals in their shared area of interest in health care based on biographical information, personal interests, and career goals. Matching participants based on similarities is just one way that has helped combat the common misperception that formal mentoring programs lack the benefits of informal mentoring relationships. In fact, we are confident that all participants will have much to gain from this program especially if members set formal goals and objectives, hold one another accountable by keeping a minimum amount of set meetings and other forms of contact, and if we monitor the program for individual progress. We thank the United Health Foundation for their support of this program.

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