California Leadership Fellowship Program

The NHHF California Leadership Fellowship is an executive training program that aims to advance the careers of Hispanic physicians pursuing work with the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, State, and City Health Commissioner positions, and academic leaders in medical schools, chief medical officers in federal clinics and private practice. 
The purpose of the NHHF Leadership Fellowship is to assist in the development of leadership potential among physician members of the National Hispanic Health Foundation. The Leadership Fellowship aims to increase the number of skilled Hispanic physicians who may be eligible for entry to the pool of applicants for policy making and executive positions within the state government and the private sector at decision-making levels. The ultimate outcome is to improve the quality of health of all Americans.


The Fellowship commences at the two day Orientation at the NHMA Annual Conference where incoming fellows have the opportunity to meet one another in-person, as well as connect with previous Leadership Fellowship Alumni. As part of the program, the fellows are appointed to policy analysis teams to create policy recommendations for NHHF key advocacy priorities (Medical Education Diversity & Womens' Reproductive Health). The fellows then present their projects the following year's NHMA Annual Conference. 


Virtual Series 

Throughout the summer, the NHHF fellows participate in weekly virtual training seminars facilitated by Core Faculty. These weekly-Friday afternoon webinars take place from 3:00 - 5:00 PM EST, and consist of expert speakers from public health, media, advocacy and leaders from different stakeholders in the public health arena to address leadership skills and health disparities in the Hispanic community. 


Sacramento Institute

A four day Sacramento Institute occurs in August. During this week, fellows have seminars and meet with the California Health and Human Services and its related key agencies and policymakers from the governor's office and the state legislature to discuss public health initiatives and Hispanics.


Washington DC Institute

A four day Washington DC Institute occurs in September. During this week, fellows have seminars and meet with the White House, U.S. Health and Human Services, and policymakers from the U.S. Congress to discuss public health initiatives and Hispanics.





For more information regarding the leadership fellowship program, please contact program coordinator:

 Candice Jimenez


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