University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

2023-2024 Officers

President: Ann Manley [email protected]
President-Elect: Isis Salmon [email protected]
Vice President: Yaitza Aponte [email protected]
Treasurer: Richard Mendoza [email protected]
Secretary: Danielle Obijeski [email protected]
Public Relations: Hannah Yonts Lawrence [email protected]
Event Coordinator: Derrick Duarte [email protected]
Fundraising Chair: Ananda Anderson [email protected]
Augusta Liaison: Stephanie Millan [email protected]



Advisor: Dr. Huang 
Advisor: Dr. Joshua Caballero 


Summer 2021 Chapter Newsletter


NHPA Spring Bake Sale - Fundraising for Victims of Earthquakes in Puerto Rico



The island of Puerto Rico experienced a series of high magnitude earthquakes in early 2020 that caused major destruction. This fundraiser was partnered with students at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico who travel to the major affected areas to provide relief to the elderly population and individuals who lost their homes. Proceeds support the provision of basic necessities to these individuals: toiletries, groceries, bedding, medications, and general supplies to rebuild damaged homes.