Touro University California College of Pharmacy

2023-2024 Officers

President: Jasmin Escobar [email protected]
President-Elect: Graysy Monzon [email protected]
Secretary: Ulises Arzate [email protected]
Treasurer: Janet Tellez [email protected]
Historian: Stephanie Nguyen [email protected]
Webmaster: Justice Dodson [email protected]

Advisor: Shadi Doroudgar
 Pharm.D., APh, BCPS, BCGP, BCPP


NHPA-TUCOP has been active since day one in representing the NHPA mission within our local communities, especially in Solano County, CA during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Student Chapter has created COVID-19 flyers in Spanish that are linguistically and culturally appropriate among the Hispanic community. Our project “Hablemos” Initiative was featured in Touro California Record newsletter webpage ( We have also translated the “Coronavirus Guidelines for America” in 23 different languages to help educate and keep minorities safe. 

In addition, the Multi-Cultural Project Initiative: An Inclusive Representation of “Coronavirus Guidelines for America” was featured in the Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy Journal. This project had a significant impact that it was also featured in The Solano County local newspaper titled: Touro students translate CDC guidelines into different languages ( We have received a petition to translate the version of the FDA Hydroxychloroquine EUA Patient Fact Sheet into Spanish to help pharmacists from Syracuse, NY that were dispensing hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to Hispanic patients. We were able to translate the entire document in less than 24 hours!

Each of these initiatives has helped thousands of non-English speaking individuals and has been distributed to the community via Facebook, email, and state/local authorities with the help of our faculty, family and friend networks. We hope we can continue contributing to our communities by creating more initiatives that are more inclusive to minority groups, especially among the Hispanic community. Please visit our Facebook page for more information about our current activities.

Current Projects

  1. Multi-Cultural Project Initiative
    • “Coronavirus Guidelines for America”
      • An effort to keep minorities safe the guidelines were translated in 23 different languages with the help from faculty, family, and friends that served as translators.
    • FDA Hydroxychloroquine EUA Patient Fact Sheet
      • English Version
      • Spanish Version
      • Hydroxychloroquine EUA Patient Fact Sheet was translated in Spanish to help pharmacists distribute fact sheets to Spanish speaking patients receiving hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.
  2. Project “Hablemos” Initiative (COVID-19 Flyers) The following flyers were created in Spanish in efforts to help educate Hispanic communities about COVID-19 and demonstrate proper precautions to help reduce transmission.

Upcoming Project

  1. Cloth Mask Project: The Cloth Mask Project was created to help reserve medical/N95 masks for medical staff, and help the community protect themselves against COVID-19.