NHPA "Diabetes and Overcoming Barriers to Care in the Hispanic Population" Webinar




In this webinar, we explored innovative strategies to overcome diabetes and barriers to care and promote inclusive healthcare for the Hispanic population. In collaboration with the NHPA, our panel of experts provided valuable insights, practical tips, and culturally sensitive approaches to help bridge the gap. 


  • Brieanna Flores-Keown, PharmD, CDCES
  • Sara Shahdoost Moghadam, PharmD, BCACP, CDCES, AAHIVP


  • Lisa Marie Serrano-Eftychiou, PharmD

Learning Objectives
Attendees were able to:

  1. Recall the prevalence and incidence of diabetes in the Hispanic population
  2. Describe barriers to care that Hispanics face
  3. Outline solutions to bridge barriers to care that Hispanics face
  4. Summarize up-to-date guidelines on diabetes management

No person involved in the planning of this educational activity have any relevant financial relationships to disclose.